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The Hotbed of wildfires in USA

Info-graphic about US states that are most affected by the wildfires. Also features details about the real cost, causes of the wildfires. You can learn more about wildfires, insurance claims and lawsuits at

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The Google Panda Update rocked the world of SEO and it still impacts websites today. In this article, I’m going to cover the entire history of the update and what you need to know about the Google Panda Update now...

Breast Cancer - Get Yourself Screened!

Breast cancer is one of the top cancers among women. In the olden times, women did not have such awareness but thanks to the media, nowadays most of the women are aware of this fact that they need to prevent breast cancer. It is a fatal disease, however, the cure is possible in case of early detection. Now, the question arises how you can get detection in the early stage....

What are the Steps of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Are you planning to have a hair transplant but do not know how exactly it works? Well, you have landed on the right spot, because here we take you through the entire FUE hair transplant procedure step by step. Check it out peeps!..

How to get Clear Skin?

White skin is always in! Getting a skin that everybody is envious of is no longer a dream. We are offering a skin whitening treatment that will not only lighten your skin but will make it appear flawless. Say good bye to freckles, pimples, dark and dull looking skin and welcome lighter, brighter and glowing complexion.-


This infographic talks about the deadly cancer, mesothelioma. It talks about what causes this cancer, how it is detected, and how it is treated...

9 Graphs That Will Turn You Into an Interior Decorating Genius

Now you may just have moved into your new house or apartment, or maybe you’ve lived in it for awhile. But one thing’s for sure (at least I’m assuming since you’re reading this), you want to find a new way to make your home look great. And that’s why I decided to create a list of infographics that will get you well on your way to making your place look amazing. Now we’re not all interior decorating graduates, but with a few simple steps and tips, we can become interior decorating geniuses. There’s always a way to improve our rooms and the feelings they give off, whether that’s through color or the placement of furniture. So down below I’ve included a list of graphs to help you decide what’s best for your home and taste. I really like finding the best information out there for my readers, but as with any list of helpful graphics, I’ll point out what tip I think is the best or know to be true for myself. And sometimes I’ll even include a tip of my own, so read on and let me know what you t…