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Saravanabhavan is a unique unconventional restaurant of its kind that attracts diners from all walks of life. ..

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flock cafe

A family-run café, Flock’s atmosphere is deliberately relaxed. Started from our love of cafés, good company, we seek to let our customers feel what we love so much about relationships...


There are such a significant number of extraordinary reasons somebody may embrace a vegan lifestyle. When considering changing to veganism it's essential to contemplate your ethics and the reasons why this way of life addresses you and Address chic provides you the best fashion. ...

How American Adults Prefer to Buy Online

With Halloween quickly approaching, we wanted to learn a bit more about how Americans buy candy and costumes so that we could help our clients better understand how to expect users to behave as they shopped for Halloween. Blue Fountain Media commissioned an online study conducted by Harris Poll, from September 18-22 among 2,016 adults ages 18 and older (of whom 1,313, 69 percent, shop for Halloween). Our findings are extremely interesting, particularly when it comes to the benefits of online Halloween shopping and how people prefer to receive Halloween-related advertising.

"Dad" Shoes, "Ugly" Trends Back to Sneakers

Still wear White Sneakers? Oh, it’s too late. Top sneaker companies, like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour frequently trumpet their latest and greatest models “Dad” shoes. It reminded us of our dads. Or at least a dad somewhere who wears jeans that are two sizes too big, a half-zip sweatshirt, and sneakers that are semi-awkward, kind of puffy, and far from "cutting-edge."....

15 Amazing Yoga Quotes

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Like a healthy life it takes one step at a time.
Yoga is way to start a healthy and great life, Yoga Quotes gives you a good understanding about yoga. Be the change that you want to see in the world in your self, yoga is very calming and relaxing to the soul and mind. Yoga Quotes help to inspire your life more good and healthy... Read More -

4 Crucial Methods to follow, When Investing In Singapore Stocks

Whether you’re a beginner in Singapore Stocks investment or an expert, Stock market is comprised of ample of opportunity for money-making. Although there are several methods for investing in stock market, here 4 major key points are focused which must be followed while investing.
To know more visit-